I found myself searching for a non-slip solution when my elderly parents were forced to move in with me after a slip-fall incident.

I began looking for something to safeguard my home from future slip-fall accidents in an effort to protect my family, loved ones, and guests. Although not all slips and trips are preventable, proactively taking steps to minimize the likelihood of these dangerous accidents gave me peace of mind that I'd exercised care and due diligence in protecting those whom I love. 

The information you'll find on the following pages will hopefully enlighten you to the perils that exist related to slip-falls, and the steps you can take to mitigate the problems. This is serious stuff, and we treat it seriously. If you are like me, you will be astonished at the numbers regarding these incidents, and the toll it takes on the families of slip-fall victims. Let us give you the peace of mind our professional floor safety services can provide so you can spend time enjoying your family instead of worrying about their safety. 

Slip-fall accidents account for over 2 million fall injuries every year according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Further analysis of the data reveals the following alarming facts: 
Slips & falls are the #1 cause of accidents with approximately 25,000 people daily going to hospitals from injuries
Approximately 55 people die daily from their slip & fall injuries which makes it the #2 cause of accidental death, second only to automobile accidents
Every 18 seconds, a senior citizen is admitted to the hospital as a result of a slip-fall injury making it the #1 cause of accidental deaths among this age group
1 in 3 serious bone breaks for seniors sustained in a slip-fall injury results in death within one year of the accident