Chattanooga Floor Safety

Providing You Peace of Mind

While hard-surface floors and pedestrian walkways are our focus, the real benefits are in the SAFETY, SECURITY, and PEACE of MIND we provide to our commercial clients and residential homeowners alike with our proprietary products. Our approach is straightforward and effective. It involves the following steps in providing a solution to your slippery floors.

  1. Analyze and test your existing flooring to determine compliance with ANSI and OSHA standards.
  2. Develop a mitigation plan to address your compliance issues.
  3. Treat your flooring surfaces to correct the issue.
  4. Re-test after treatment and provide you with tribometer results documenting the increase in traction (typically a 200%-400% increase in traction).
  5. We guarantee our work for a minimum of 1 year, and partner with you to ensure your flooring remains safe through annual safety checks scheduled and performed at no cost to you.