We are a local, family-owned business

Our mission is to make hard-surface floors safe for pedestrian access even when they are wet.

Volunteer Non-slip Services, Inc. takes a preventative approach to slip and fall accidents by promoting awareness to floor safety through our testing and issue remediation services. Slip-fall accidents account for over 2 million fall injuries every year according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Further analysis of the data reveals the following alarming facts: 

  • Slips & falls are the #1 cause of accidents with approximately 25,000 people daily going to hospitals from injuries 
  • Approximately 55 people die daily from their slip & fall injuries which makes it the #2 cause of accidental death, second only to automobile accidents 
  • Every 18 seconds, a senior citizen is admitted to the hospital as a result of a slip-fall injury making it the #1 cause of accidental deaths among this age group 
  • 1 in 3 serious bone breaks for seniors sustained in a slip-fall injury results in death within one year of the accident