Nonslip Residential


Our professional services demonstrate the commitment we make to every potential client, commercial or residential. There is nothing more valuable to us than our family and loved ones. Their safety and security are paramount, and we take the responsibility to protect your family as seriously as we do our own. The services we provide to our residential clients are the same ones we provide to our commercial clients and use in our own homes. The areas we treat include everything from tile in the kitchen, bathroom, and shower areas to slippery patios, pool decks, and garage floors. We even provide safety treatments for your bathtubs and shower floors. Our residential services are backed by a 2-year written guarantee. If for any reason you feel like the effectiveness of our treatment has dissipated within the 2-year guarantee period, we will re-test and re-install the product free of charge if the DCOF falls below the 0.42 compliance threshold. 

Ask about our complimentary Safety inspection to evaluate the safety risks in your home.

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