Treat & Correct

Our unique floor safety treatment will turn unsafe, non-compliant floor surfaces into safe walkway areas in your commercial, residential, medical, or skilled care facility. Our long-lasting chemical treatment works at a microscopic level to create an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and bathtubs without changing the look or feel. This treatment results in a 200% - 400% increase in the coefficient of friction when the surface gets wet. Our proprietary products microscopically settle the soft minerals in the surface, exposing more of the hard minerals which provide increased traction on the surface.

Because the results of our process are invisible, we recommend and provide a comprehensive visual demonstration of our product. The difference in traction between the treated and untreated surfaces must be seen to be believed. It's that incredible. To validate the increase in traction on your floors after our revolutionary treatment, we provide test measurements using the BOT-3000E. This serves as an accurate and identifiable means to insure our guarantee of increased traction on your walkway surfaces. If for any reason you feel like the effectiveness of our treatment has dissipated within the 1 year guarantee period, we will re-test and re-install the product free of charge if the DCOF falls below the 0.42 compliance threshold.